Out and Proud in New Haven

From the text of Love Slaves: “In the early eighties, Yale was Out and Proud, but New Haven’s homegrown nethersexers […]

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Yale School of Drama–Then and Now

from Love Slaves of Helen Hadley Hall: “At 217 Park Street, Debi Fleer, the first-year actress playing the part of […]

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Yale Back in the Day

From the novel: “Yale University, that robust institution of the Nutmeg State, maintains two residence halls for its graduate students, […]

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  • A writer of immense gifts, with a voice-smart, playful, lyrical, subtle, unsparing-utterly unlike anyone else's
    - Tony Kushner
  • So if you've had a good time tonight, or if you've had a good time any night, for gosh sake, why not drop a dollar in the mail to me?
    - Lily Tomlin
  • Every housewife in America has got a novel under her apron.
    - S.J. Perelman