Yale School of Drama–Then and Now

May 23, 2016 Posted in Books

from Love Slaves of Helen Hadley Hall:

“At 217 Park Street, Debi Fleer, the first-year actress playing the part of Helga Two in the avant-garde play, had just locked herself in the bathroom. It was up to Walt to flush her out and into her breast prosthesis, two feet of green foam rubber with a kiwi-sized nipple. He called for a break and picked up his tackle box.

One problem of Yale’s drama school is its tendering of expectations. The promotional literature says Shakespeare and Schiller, but, given its number of Oscar-nominated alumni, it is impossible for the students not to hear Miramax and HBO. It’s an Ivy League star factory, with as many as eleven hundred hopefuls auditioning for a sixteen-member acting class. That translates into forty-eight infantile, narcissistic monsters running amok during any afternoon of rehearsals, with only six Walt Stehliks on hand to tighten their restraints.”