“Few books published today contain the pure enjoyment that Love Slaves of Helen Hadley Hall does. And none are better written.

Where there are other authors aplenty that can make their readers laugh, Magruder’s is humor of the sort spun by Oscar Wilde or Dorothy Parker—stoked by intelligence mixed with a gift for the telling detail and an understanding of how the aches deep inside the sad hearts of humanity are ever the source of All Things Funny, with just a dash of the bitters plunked in at the end.

And taking in all the glorious nonsense contained in the volume, the reader settles into his chair for a moment, the book newly closed and placed on his lap, and very seriously considers opening it again and starting over.

Love Slaves is one of those media packages—book, movie, or television series—that, seeing some stranger settling in on a plane with it in front of his or her face, you think how very lucky they are to be having the experience of it for the very first time.”

Vinton Rafe McCabe, New York Journal of Books

“It may sound like little more than a sex romp, but it’s Magruder’s excellent character development that makes this a great book. Though he’s writing across gender, age, and ethnicity, Magruder never makes you feel as if he doesn’t understand each person completely, showcasing faults and strengths, triumphs and troubles in equal breath.”

Gabriella Souza, Baltimore Magazine